Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片

Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片


您正在找 Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片 這本書嗎?

這本 Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片 在博客來就可以買的到!

而且在博客來訂購 Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片 還享有優惠價唷!


購買 Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片 自己可以選擇是否要使用7-11取書(貨)服務,亦或是選擇使用宅配到府服務,真的很方便!

底下是 Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片 的內容簡介


The Listening Connection is a three-level series containing a broad collection of topics that enable learners to develop active vocabulary and listening skills. Theories provides opportunities not only to enrich learners’ general knowledge of the world, but also to develop specific skills for listening to nonfiction materials.

Each book contains 12 units. The selection of stories is grouped into four themes: Animals, Places, Activities, and Science. Each unit has an accompanying video with engaging video material from all around the world and featuring voiceover narration, specifically adapted for learners of English.

Key Features

?12 full-color units based on National Geographic videos have many eye-catching photos to illustrate real-life stories and to expand learners’ horizons as they explore the world.

?Authentic listening passages help learners improve their listening skills, develop their linguistic proficiency, use English beyond the classroom and prepare them for standardized exams.

?Skill building activities are in four parts with exercises to help build listening comprehension, improve vocabulary and usage, self-expression and discussion.

The Listening Connection series is designed to be used as the main text for a general listening course, or for a standardized test preparation course, or as a supplement to an integrated skills course.

  • 出版社:東華


  • 出版日期:2016/03/08
  • 語言:英文

商品網址: Listening Connection (2) with DVD-1片




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